(Deutsch) iCombat, Hero Blast und Predator bekommen eine Granate

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(Deutsch) Firmware Update für die iCombat Familie

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(Deutsch) Hero Blast – Erobert die Welt im Sturm

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(Deutsch) Lasertag Equipment kaufen – jetzt oder warten?

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(Deutsch) Predator Games: Barracuda Pro Lasertag Geräte

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The (Lasertag) Heroes are coming

Lasertag-Systems for kids and professionals

Hero Blast Lasertag systemWe have been in the United States and visited the manufacturers of our Lasertag systems Hi-Tech, iCombat and Predator games.  We have gathered tons of information and new ideas. Also we are now allowed to repair and maintain the iCombat lasertag guns. The reason why we went to the States was the presentation of new lasertag systems – and this is what might be the even bigger news ;)

The manufacturer of icombat and Predator Games presented a new lasertag system named Hero Blast to us. Also an improved version of the Predator system will be launched soon (Predator Pro). At the Hi-Tech facility we where able to take a first look on the new HT-R series that will be released soon as well. All three products have unique features and will strengthen our portfolio so we can serve any need of our costumers.

Official release for the Hero Blast lasertag system

As we are not allowed to publish any details on the Hero Blast system before the 1st of November we decited to keep all other lasertag systems a secret until that date as well. But anybody who wants to play Lasertag with young kids should keep that date in mind as the Hero Blast will be the perfect product for you. No guns, no violence – just fun.

The Predator Pro aims for the advanced players and the HT-R series is a cool Roleplay-Sci-Fi-Realistic-Advanced-Radiocontrolled-Idont´tknowhowmuchmore system that will update your current Hi-Tech or Lasertag field  guns to a new level.

Just to get some general news out: The Hero Blast will be compatible to Barracuda (and Pro) as well as to iCombat. Same software, same license – so if you have paid for one – you can use the software for all of them. Cool – save some money, get all target groups.

Find your perfect Lasertag system at Lasergame Berlin

Nowhere in the world you will find a broader variety of Lasertag systems. We have chosen only the best systems of all kind and for all target groups in order to help you finding the perfect system for your purpose. No matter if you own a paintball field, a indoor playground or any mobile entertainment – you will surely find a lasertag system that suits your needs here. Simply send us some information on what you would like to do and we will find the perfect Lasertag System. From High end to low price – kids to simulation of real guns.

We will be happy to share our experience with you – either on the phone or via mail. Just give us a call or send a mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you very much and greetings from Berlin

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Meet us @ the EAS with Laserforce

Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam

Lasertag Equipment EuropeThe Euro Attractions Show takes place from 23rd until the 25th of September in Amsterdam and we will be there presenting the Laserforce Lasertag system.  We are going to be at the booth of Lasertag International and will show the equipment, software and additions you can buy from Laserforce to start a successful Lasertag business.

We will be with the Australian devision and the German resellers. Feel free to talk to us if you are located in Europe and want to start a Lasertag business. Especially in Europe Lasertag has a huge potential and we are going to tell you how to become part of the Laserforce family and join the most experienced team in the world.

Not only Laserforce is the worldwide leader and about to become so in Europe as well – they are the company with the longest history and the longest running Lasertag facility on earth – 26 years of operating and experience.

If you want some information or a hands on our equipment – please feel free to write us and we will invite you to Amsterdam EAS to have a talk with us. We will surely convince you that Laserforce Lasertag equipment is superior about all others and the team is going to support you with information, handy tricks and all you need to become successful with your very own Lasertag facility.




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Official release – Firmware for Hi-Tech, ASHQ and Miles Core

Custom Firmware for lasertag equipment now available

Firmware Hi-Tech Miles Core ASHQLasergame Berlin and Maxima System developed a new firmware for all Lasertag Systems built by Hi-Tech or Adventure Sports HQ – or using the Miles Core System. After quite some testing and bugfixing we are now happy to release the final version of our custom firmware.

If you are interested in testing or buying the firmware for your Lasertag-equipment please feel free to contact us. Also if there are questions we are going to support you with answers as good as we can.

Thanks for reading through this introduction.

What features will the new Lasertag firmware offer?

The new firmware solves some of the problems the original firmware comes with and adds a lot of new features and functions to  your taggers that will not only improve gameplay but also the performance and safety.

These are some of the highlights the new firmware offers:

  • Respawn funktions: Players will not be able to use respawn points when in Game over mode any longer. Usage of respawn points can be limited now. Respawn points can now have a safety time set up to get away from them. Respawns can be set to unlimited and some other values – up to 30.
  • Respawn fairness: Normally a players lights turn off 5 seconds before respawning which normally causes confusion – is the player alive or not? Now players will blink 5 seconds before respawning.
  • Start-Options: Players can be started synced by the admin now – no more pressing of the trigger needed. Rapid cloning and starting of a game with some new admin functions and up to 7 preset settings.
  • Programmable and stored settings: Store up to seven different settings in the taggers and access them easily with the admin gun or boot-menu. Use them to store game settings or different weapon types. The different settings can be assigned to a gun within seconds from the admin gun.
  • Weapon change: Use the seven different gun-settings to carry different guns with you and change them during the game. Set the change to a simple press of a button or make the players go to weapon pickups and get their new gun there.
  • Scoring improved: The transfer of the scoring is extremely fast now – less than a second normally. Players can pass their stats amoung each other after the game and see the result on their screens. New scoring based on damage, kills, flags and precision is now available and can be set as you like. Scoring software follows soon.
  • More options to choose from: We added regenerating shields, shield boxes, decreasing shields, temporary shields and so on. Also new: Players can be set to bleed when hit – so they will need a medic to heal their wounds – otherwise they will dies from bleeding.
  • Hit-Delay: You can set up the way the hit delay works – from shooting, to being hit. Turn it on or off. Sounds, lights and more to choose from.
  • Capture the flag: Flags now will be counted correctly. Players can be set to continue playing when delivering the flag. Flags can be passed now when set so. Long or short distance passing is available – this can be used for new games such as Laserball.
  • Zombie-Mode: Now Zombies can be set up individually. Also you can choose who is going to blink – the humans or the zombies. Make the humans more visible and hide the zombies in the dark if you like.
  • Dark-Game-Mode: turn off the lights and play in the dark. In order to see the players you can reverse the light-settings. Make the players light up when alive and turn dark when dead.
  • More control:  The time gets measured a lot better now – so games that have been started at the same time will also end like this. Also the taggers keep track on how long they have been in use: Keep control of games played and your staff.

Further functions can be implemented – simply ask for functions you would like to have.

Compatible with Hi-Tech, Miles Core and Adventure Sports HQ

All functions can be used in taggers built by Hi-Tech, Adventure Sports HQ or DIY guns using the Miles Core boards. When ordering please tell us which type of equipment you want to update. Also the firmware offers a compatible mode for all systems – so you can use it with taggers that do not have the update flawlessly. Simply boot the new firmware in the standard mode you are using on the other taggers and you are ready to go – also working to use taggers of different brands in the same game or event.

We are looking forward to take your order for the new firmware – please use the contact form. Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon -  Lasergame Berlin

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New Model for Hi-Tech Lasertag

HT-4 SMG Lasertag Phaser introduced

Hi-Tech Lasertag Tagger Modell HT-4Hi-Tech introduces a new lasertag phaser named HT-4 that has a great design as well as indoor and outdoor capabilities. The HT-4 looks similar to the HT-5 but as this model is manufactured exclusively for one Lasertag-company in the US we can offer this model as an option to you. If you are looking for a semi-realistic look you might want the HT-4 in your portfolio of lasertag guns.

Some cool details on the new lasertag model

When designing the new HT-4 taggers Hi-Tech implemented some cool new details to this phaser. You can unscrew the magazine cover in order to replace an empty or broken battery without taking the whole lasertag gun apart. The pushbuttons are placed ergonomically to be accessible during intense gameplay.

Pricing and lead times of this Lasertag equipment

Because of the many details and curved surfaces this piece of aluminum need quite some time in the CNC process – this is increasing the price. The HT-4 costs as much as the HT-20 Sniper rifle – 740 € per unit. Lead time is normally about 8 weeks after payment is done. You will get a quality lasertag gun that looks semi realistic and is suitable for smaller players as well as adults.

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New Lasertag accessories available: Grenades and zombie units

Introducing the new lasertag accessories

We are proud to announce two new accessories for the Hi-Tech equipment that will improve the Lasertag-experience with this brand.

Lasertag GranateFirst introduction would be the Lasertag grenade that is a lot improved to what we had before. The old grenades from a different brand where heavy and dangerous. As grenades normally are thrown the old ones where to dangerous to actually use them – a player that gets hit on the head by one of the old grenades would be injured and possibly even fade away. So we are happy to have the new grenades for Lasertag now which are light weight and not hurting any longer. Still they are robust and reliable. They will cost about 100 € per unit and the function is as expected quite simple … push the activation button, wait a few seconds and then it will shut down any player that gets hit by the IR-beams emitted by the grenade. These players will be deactivated no matter how many live-points they have and even when armor or shields are up. Simple as that.

Lasertag Zombie KitAnother new feature is the zombie-kit for lasertag attractions such as haunted houses, zombie runs or any other survival horror events. normally the humans are helpless – no guns, maybe Nerf guns and very rarely lasertag solutions. In this case the zombies normally do have to wear quite expensive equipment to be hittable and sending damage to the humans. With the new Zombie kit you spend only 60 € per Zombie (plus battery) and you get a zombie that sends damage over approximately 10 feet distance and that can be shot down by the players with hi-Tech Lasertag guns. The unit that does all this is really tiny (about 4x4x3 cm), light weight and can be attached to a Velcro tape easily and almost on any spot of a costume. The zombie unit will boot automatically – starts operating and that´s it. Cheap, easy and gives you plenty of options for your Lasertag-Zombie-Event.

Both new accessories can be ordered from us from now on.

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