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New lasertag arenas in Germany and all over the world

This is the slightly shortened english version

There are going to be some changes in existing arenas and some newly started arenas in Germany and some other countries within the next few days and weeks.

For example Lasergame Braunschweig aka Laserrebellion is going to get a new lasertag system for players under the age of 18 and will then be able to serve this audience as well – well chosen guys – have fun.

Hildesheim is going to start an arena with Hi-Tech lasertag equipment and we would love to see city battles between the players from Hildesheim and Braunschweig – have fun as well.

Lübeck is going to get a new set of Predator Games guns and will expand their existing arena with some cool features at a very attractive budget.

We are very proud of saying that Kosovo, Albania, Mazedonia and other Baltic countries now are served with Hi-Tech equipment as well . please contact us for further details and we will make contact with our Representatives in Kosovo.

Sounds strange – but we are about to sell Hi-Tech Lasertag equipment to Nepal as well – so feel free to contact us from any country in the world to buy Lasertag equipment of different brands from us. We are also exclusive manufacturer and reseller for Hi-Tech (MILES compatible) add ons that will expand your options on any MILES gaming field. We will soon provide a new firmware that will improve any tagger by Hi-Tech, MILES CORE or Adventure Sports HQ – so if you are running one of these systems get in touch with us and learn more about the great new features of our firmware.

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(Deutsch) Der günstigste Einstieg in Outdoor-Lasertag jetzt bei uns

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(Deutsch) Günstiger Einstieg mit gebrauchtem Lasertag-Equipment

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Lasertag equipment for any purpose

Lasertag-Shop for all needs

Lasertag ShopLasergame Berlin is the only lasertag shop in germany that sells lasertag equipment from different brands currently.

This is why you can get a neutral information from us – we will not force you into one specific direction or towards one specific lasertag equipment. Other resellers sell only one equipment and for this reason they will tell you it is the best for what you are planing to do – just natural. We will listen to your needs and advice the best fitting system to you – even if we are not selling it – just fair.

This is just going to work as we are selling up to 6 different systems – and know more than 10 first hand. Also we are having an arena on our own and operate (or operated) different systems ourself so we know how they compete and how the business is working.

We have sold equipment to more than 10 founders already who are all satisfied and growing their business currently – so we know the problems that might appear and how to solve them.

Which Lasertag system fits me best?

Lasertag Spieler Rot GrünIf you write or call us we will first of all gather some information before we try to advice you a system. Which target group are you focusing on, where would you like to open your arena, which other systems do you have in mind or seen already, what budget is available and so on. Together we will then find the perfect solution for your needs. Even if we do not have the perfect system for you – we know the market very well and if needed we will advice you a lasertag system that can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

First of all we will figure out if it will be an indoor system (mostly vests) or if an outdoor system can be used (works indoor as well). Also the target group and the budget is very important and we offer systems from less than 1000 € per player up to the most realistic system worldwide.

Lasertag shop and service

iCombat Lasertag System kaufenWe offer service and repair for all the systems we sell. So you will have a German and English speaking support and benefit from the German trading laws when located in Germany. If you decide to operate more than one system (like we do) you will get support for all systems from the same partner. Normally you would have to make contact to the manufacturer in China, Russia, USA or wherever you order from – this can become difficult and possibly takes some time (we had these problems as well).

But as we have most spare parts for all systems in stock we can react quickly. We will stay in contact with the manufacturers for you and care about customs, importing and so on. We can also offer our experience, tips and tricks as well as commercial advice for you – we will care.

As we are producers, importer, traders and operators of different Lasertag brands nobody knows the business better than us.

Buy Lasertag equipment

If you want to found a Lasertag arena you should gather information from different manufacturers first and think about what you want and need. Because if you do not  inform yourself any reseller can tell you whatever he wants to and manipulate you easily. If you have some information already you will be realizing that we speak to you honestly and openly like nobody else does. You will then be able to check our information and see that we have a real good offer to make.

We would be glad to talk to you about your Lasertag equipment and send greetings from Berlin

Uwe and Fabian – Lasergame Berlin

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Reduced Prices on irTactical Lasertag equipment

Lasertag Equipment reduced sale 2013

iCombat Lasertag System kaufenWe are happy to offer you the Lasertag Equipment from irTactical on a reduced price by the end of this year. Everyone who plans to start his own Lasertag business in the near future should enter now – it´s never going to be cheaper. We where able to reduce the prices for some parts of the Lasertag equipment up to 20% which makes it much more easy and affordable to enter the lasertag business.

Also there is a new generation of Lasertag rifles and pistols that include a new laser unit that improves the range on outdoor games dramatically. The first version of the taggers feature a LED-emitter ant are more suitable for indoor use – the new generation of Lasertag weapons combine both techniques and are working indoor and outdoor..

New Lasertag Equipment for iCombat

iCombat Lasertag Equipment online functionsTogether with the updated hardware of the lasertag weapons comes the new online-features.

No other system offers such detailed online stats as iCombat. Imagine the following: Your guests can purchase a member card at you place – they will be able to connect an online profile to this member card that collects all their played games and statistics – how often have I played, how did I perform, how do I rank against my friends or even in the worldwide ranking list? Each time this player comes to your place (or any other worldwide) he simply swipes his RFID card over the reader and will log into the game – including his name, previous stats and a picture that is displayed on the gaming screen. During each game the player will gain experience and can level up – this is a proven system to bound clients to your facility as they will come back to reach the next level.

We hope you found this an interesting news and we are looking forward to process your orders.

Uwe and Fabian

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(Deutsch) Indoor Lasertag System mit Westen jetzt erhältlich

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HT-5 now available and more models to come

New Lasertag Equipment introduced – HT-5

Hi-Tech Lasertag Equipment HT-5We have some great news on the Lasertag equipment of the HT-Series by Hi-Tech.

There is a new model of Hi-Tech Lasertag Taggers called the HT-15 which looks like the MP5 by H&K. You can use it Indoors and outdoors as usual and if you do not like the aggressive look of the black version you can simply order it in a different color.

Soon there will be even more color options than there are now – but this will be a seperate news. By now you can order the Lasertag-Equipment in the basic colors red, blue, dark green, black, gold and silver.

Hi-Tech Lasertag Equipment HT-5 backThe HT-5 comes with an 25 mm lens which means that we expect it to shoot the same range as other taggers with the same lens which would be around 60 meters at full sunlight. We can also offer an alternative light source for the Lasertag Equipment that is reaching more than 300 m Outdoors – if you want that please contact us. But please keep in mind that the long range also comes with a very accurate light source that emits a narrow beam which means indoors the lasertag players might not hit very often which reduces the fun a bit – but it works perfectly when used outdoors.

Preview the Lasertag-Equipment 2014 – P90

Hi-Tech Lasertag Equipment P90There is only a rendering by now – but soon we will be able to show pictures of the upcoming Lasertag rifle by Hi-Tech. The new Lasertag gun will mimic the P90 as you can see and does not have an HT-number by now. When talking to Hi-Tech they told me that this gun will have more room inside which means there is space to put larger capacity batteries into the Lasertag Equipment which will extend the playtime dramatically. currently the equipment runs for more than 10 hours without a problem – with a larger battery these times can be beaten easily if needed.

A larger battery also suits some of the upcoming features I am not going to talk about right now – but there will be news as soon as the features are about to be released.

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(Deutsch) Das sagen unsere Kunden: Lasergame Rostock

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Custom Firmware for Hi-Tech, MILES Core and Adventure Sports HQ

Firmware Update für Hi-Tech, MILES Core und Adventure Sports HQA better firmware for Lasertag

Lasergame Berlin is proud to announce a custom firmware for Hi-Tech, MILES Core and Adventure Sports HQ.

Soon you will be able to order custom firmware PICs an this website that will replace the original firmware of Hi-Tech, MILES Core and Adventure Sports HQ and that adds a lot of cool features and performace to the systems.

All three systems are built and programmed well and we sell, repair and operate the Hi-Tech professional Lasertaggers so we know the system very well. Still there have been room for improvements and some new ideas that we came up with during operating and playing. So we took these ideas and worked on a solution to get a better firmware for these professional Lasertag systems.

Advanced functions for Hi-Tech, MILES Core and Adventure Sports HQ

Any operator of Hi-Tech, AdventureTag Sports HQ or a MILES Core system should think about changing to our firmware and register for the first roll out of the PICs.

Changing the firmware is as easy as 1,2,3 … 1: Open the tagger and remove the original PIC carefully. 2: place the PIC we delivered into the board and close the tagger again. 3: Boot your tagger with a factory reset. Done – you can now enjoy the new functions of our firmware during work and play.

We have tested the new functions personally on the Hi-Tech system and our partner tested it on Adventure Sports HQ taggers for us to make sure all the functions run perfectly on all systems. A list of the features will follow soon. The price will be 49 € per PIC – if you order larger numbers we can reduce the price a bit for you.

We will prepare videos and charts to compare the original firmware of Hi-Tech, Adventure Sports HQ and MILES Core to our custom Firmware as well so everyone is able to see the new advantages the firmware will offer.

A short list of firmware improvements

There will be improvements of the following general topics.

  • New games such as Laserball and patches for existing games
  • Expanded and patched Respawn Management
  • Improved Cloning and Scoring
  • Safety and Controlling features for field owners
  • Additional Gaming Boxes for even more gamplay options
  • Over all there will be more than 10 larger improvements ans several smaller ones…

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